Ilias KontakosSustainable business development and networking consultant

    Working between The Netherlands, Belgium and Greece, his personal drive is to bring together companies and organisations and share with them a vision of a sustainable future, where positive returns appear without compromising resources.
    As an advisor and manager he has built up more than 12 years of professional expertise in designing and implementing sustainable solutions for the private and public sector exploiting opportunities from innovative ideas and technologies.
    He has also a strong multidisciplinary academic background with internationally recognized degrees, in the areas of business (BA, University of Piraeus, GR, 1996), production management (MScEng University of Birmingham, UK, 1998) and ICT for regional economic development (Ph.D. University of Birmingham, 2003, UK).
    He helps companies and organisations with their networking and information needs, but also he supports them with more advance innovative and competitive ventures where added value knowledge is needed.