Angela GanotiEvent Manager for culture and gastronomy - Leiden, Netherlands

    Angela Ganoti was born in 1979 at Volos, in Greece.

    A city full of cultural and gastronomical history which lasts till today. This environment inspired her to study music. Her family was running a restaurant, so the gastronomical part was very strong in her live as well. She grew up and -until she was 25- her life was full of piano, arias, herbs, recipes, distillates and events’ planning. Yes, it was a crazy life indeed!

    She was a music teacher and a singer in a rock band, but the same time she was at the restaurant planning new events, business meals, new recipes and new menu cards.

    All this had an artistic influence on her. We could say that this ‘blend’ gave her the inspiration to make a cooking book with all the recipes of her region.

    After a few years she needed a big change in her life and this came on 2012 when she moved to The Netherlands, in Leiden with her family.

    From then till now she is working at a company with “lekker” delicacies and she is working as a representative for a second company which arranges gastronomical events in Amsterdam and the whole country if necessary.

    She has a full time life because her job (both companies actually) give her pleasure and happiness, and she is always willing to grab the opportunity to be productive and active in a sophisticated environment.

    Her plans for the future is to make a second book in the English language with the recipes of her country. Her dream is all the people get acquainted with that place and be curious about it, so they want to visit it!

    She loves taking really early morning walks in Amsterdam and she never gets enough of searching new recipes and flavors. An always enthusiastic person who loves to work on new projects, share her ideas and good moments with new people happy and optimistic as she is.