Alexandra Karakopoulou – ZisserFreelance Journalist - EVENT PR for Vienna

    Creativity is a state of mind.

    Alexandra was born on October 26th 1974 in Athens. Having matured and reached the critical point of study choice, as a German-speaking, in 1993 she decided to try her luck in the beautiful imperial Vienna of Austria. She began studying at the translation department of the University of Vienna English, German and Italian.

    After three years of study she decided that she wanted to deal with something more “creative”. So she moved to the field of Communication and Media and History of Art, still at the famous University of Vienna, studies that led Alexandra to other paths. She graduated from the department of Theatre, Cinema and Media at the University of Vienna, where she continues her postgraduate studies.

    Along with all this, her passion for journalism was intense. She was a correspondent for a big newspaper in Athens, she wrote for Formula One, fashion, social issues, online journalist for an online TV Station, anything she found exciting, and made her want to share it with the rest of the world, something that has not stopped so far. She is an active journalist and writes for several online magazines.

    One of her favourite occupations and passions for years now has been psychological astrology, which fascinates and surprises her every time, which led her creating her own company called Alexsastra. For some time now she has been also working professionally with big Austrian and international Companies in the field of corporate decorations, event organisations, but also in the field of Styling and illustrations, since aesthetics are a “weakness” of her character. Alexandra is also the CEO and founder of Artlike.

    Recently she began to work professionally as Head of Communications for Liquid Greek Energy, promoting Greek products. She certainly does not forget to deal with the Greek community within and thus as Vice-President of the Intercultural Society of Macedonia in Vienna, defending our Greek rights as much as she can as a perfect Spokesperson.

    She was also elected President of the businessmen of the rapidly growing Seestadt region of Vienna, where she is engaged in the strengthening and support of all businesses and the customer’s relations.

    Her companion and way out in the difficult times is the accompaniment of 80s music, which is a pleasure for her neighbours, but above all her Austrian husband!

    Alexandra loves the sea like nothing else and dreams someday to acquire a magical way of being able to “escape” to Greece whenever she does not see her and misses her small beautiful country.